Can items be placed on “Hold?”

Yes! We allow 24 hour holds on all items in the store. We will automatically take the item off hold if we do not hear from you in 24 hours.

What happens if I buy a large piece of furniture, but don’t have a means of getting it to my home?

In this case you have two options. We can either store the item for you for up to 5 days while you arrange for a way to pick the item up. Or, we can give you several recommendations for trusted persons that can deliver the item for you.

What if I need an item stored for more that 5 days after purchase?

Space in our shop is very limited, and unfortunately we can not store any items past 5 days. After the 5th day a daily charge of $10 will be applied.

Do we purchase antiques from individuals?

Yes, we do. The best way to see the types of items that we purchase is to look at the website. To save you the inconvenience of transporting, we recommend that you send pictures to us at We will respond quickly.