Sara Garza grew in up in the Northern Neck of Virginia, a part of the state steeped in history and tradition. It is there that her passion for antiques began. Though her journey took her to the corporate world originally, she always hoped that some day she could become an entrepreneur. Twenty years ago she took a chance and opened a space in an antique mall, specializing in vintage garden related furnishings and accessories. That small start evolved into what is today Sheppard Street Antiques; recognized as a unique shop for all things vintage.

After twenty years in business Sheppard Street Antiques continues to grow and evolve.

What can you find at Sheppard Street Antiques? Everything from antique and vintage furnishings, gifts and home accessories, to unique items which bring back memories of the past. Upon entering her shop you will immediately feel Sara’s love of the outdoors and gardening as she captures the decorating style of “bringing the outdoors in.” It’s not just about antiques either. Sara is also passionate about supporting local artists and artisans with a wide variety of handmade art, jewelry, and gift items. Click the “Browse Store” tab above to see a taste of what’s currently in stock.