“Tea With The Queen”

Darn, I wish I had found out earlier that one can order a life-sized cardboard cutout of Her Majesty!

Paula pours from the spout?! (c. 1960)

This weekends Diamond Jubilee celebration marks the 60th year of Queen Elizabeth’s reign. While we might be missing the Epsom Derby, the concert at Buckingham Palace, and the Thames River pageant, we plan to celebrate here at home with a cuppa, (pinkies in the air, of course). I personally spent last week polishing up the silver in the shop to show off Sheppard Street’s gorgeous and elegant selections so I decided to share a polishing tip with you.
I save up our old socks (men’s socks are the best because they are bigger) and put them on my hands to accomplish my polishing tasks. I have used many different silver polishes over the years, but I have to say that Wenol is my favorite. I apply and small amount of the polish to the sock and buff off the tarnish and then rotate the socks around to the clean side to remove any excess and bring up the shine. It is a really quick process that yields such beautiful results with really minimal effort.
So, about now you are probably wondering why I have entitled this post “Tea With The Queen”. This expression comes from my husband’s grandmother whose retort to little children who questioned the necessity of impeccable table manners used to say, “What if you were having tea with the Queen?” Even though this would probably produce a very quizzical look from today’s children, we still love the tradition of afternoon tea, with gleaming silver in dainty china cups.
Come down to the shop and check out all of the lovely tea accessories that Sara has in stock. Especially lovely are a beautiful 18th c. tea service,  a handsome Colonial Williamsburg reproduction tea caddy, and lavishly embroidered napkins.

Hope to see you soon,



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